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Embark on a thrilling journey at The Grape Escape as you select your next adventure from our array of immersive games. From unraveling ancient mysteries to outsmarting cunning troupers, each game offers a unique and exhilarating experience that will challenge your wits and captivate your imagination. Are you ready to choose your path and discover the excitement that awaits?

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Kraken Casino tile

The Kraken Casino

In a steampunk dystopia, The Captain controls a famine-stricken city, ruling from his opulent casino, The Kraken. Join the Resistance to uncover his destructive power and stop his bid for global control.

Hard 3-8 50%
Difficulty Players Escape Rate

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Uncle Tick Tock's Circus tile

Uncle Tick Tock's Circus

Uncover your long-lost uncle’s legacy in his renowned circus and claim a mysterious prize. To prove your worth, engage in his eccentric challenge before the time runs out and the circus departs.

Med 2-6 60%
Difficulty Players Escape Rate

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Temple of Razum tile

Temple of Razum

Embark on a quest for treasure in an ancient realm. Face challenges in a hidden temple before the local tribe arrives. Escape the grasp of Temple Razum to become a legendary explorer or risk becoming another relic.

Hard 3-8 54%
Difficulty Players Escape Rate

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Corporate & Team Building

Take your corporate team building to the next level! Engage your team in an immersive adventure where collaboration and problem-solving skills are put to the test in our thrilling escape rooms. With challenging puzzles and captivating narratives, The Grape Escape provides the perfect setting for fostering teamwork and strengthening bonds among your colleagues!

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Parties & Birthdays

Unlock the secrets of an unforgettable birthday celebration or party at The Grape Escape, where mysteries abound and adventures await. Delve into our enigmatic escape rooms, where every corner holds a new puzzle to unravel. Let the thrill of discovery and the excitement of the unknown captivate your guests as you embark on a journey like no other.

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